PsychAfter50                                                                                       Sandra J. Kearns, Ph.D.
Evaluation:  This is the first step, a comprehensive assessment of
your well-being that begins with a clinical interview and self-report
inventories. Then depending upon your unique situation, follow-up  
cognitive, emotional, and functional capacity testing may be
Services Offered
Psychotherapy:  Dr. Kearns views psychotherapy as a
collaborative partnership where her role is to help you move
beyond current difficulties. She works within a cognitive-behavioral
framework, considering your behavior in its environmental context.
You are encouraged to accept what is, to direct your energy toward
what works, and to focus on personal values.
Training:  If you find that you are having cognitive difficulties,
individualized compensatory strategies can be developed to help
you adapt to changes in your functioning. Training techniques such
as spaced retrieval or errorless learning might be used in
conjunction with keeping a memory notebook. Home practice and
booster sessions contribute to training effectiveness. The goal is to
enhance your daily functioning and quality of life.
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Consultation:  As families and caregivers adjust to changes in
their loved ones' behavior, they sometimes find that talking with a
psychologist opens new avenues for coping. Dr. Kearns is available
to answer questions, to help problem solve, to facilitate the
adoption of cognitive compensatory strategies, and to promote
patient management skills.
What lies behind us
what lies before us

are tiny matters

  compared to       

what lies within us.

  Oliver Wendell        
Dr. Kearns can help you with life transitions and difficulties in the
following areas:
  • anxiety
  • caregiver responsibilities
  • cognitive losses, especially
  • depression
  • elder abuse
  • grief
  • insomnia
  • living with medical problems
  • mood changes
  • pain
  • retirement
  • stress
Practice Elements: